National Competitive Research Grants

  • ARC Discovery Grant, 2016 - 2019 (410k), Nonparametric Bayesian Machine Learning for Modern Data Analytics.
    (Sole CI from 2017)
  • ARC LIEF Grant, 2016 (250k), Computational infrastructure for Developing Deep Machine Learning Models.
    (CI with I. Reid, S. Venkatesh, P. Corke, M. Bennamoun, S. Gould, A. Hengel, S. Shen, A. Dick, G. Carneiro, N. Suenderhauf and A. Mian)
  • ARC Discovery Grant, 2015 - 2018 (384k), Stay Well: Analyzing Lifestyle Data from Smart Monitoring Devices.
    (Lead CI, with S. Venkatesh and M. Kumar)
  • ARC Linkage Grant, 2014 - 2017 (375k), Assistive Technologies for Autism Support.
    (CI with Prof Svetha Venkatesh, PI Silvana Gaglia - Autism West)
  • ARC LIEF Grant, 2013 (210k), Computational infrastructure for machine learning in computer vision.
    (CI with Prof Anton, Prof Ian, Prof Venkatesh, Prof Vo, Prof Suter, Dr Stephen, Dr Simon, Dr Anthony and Dr Chunhua)
  • ARC Linkage Grant, 2012 - 2015 (495k), Robust and Scalable Change Detection in Geo-Spatial Data.
    (CI with Svetha Venkatesh and DS. Pham)
  • ARC Discovery Grant, 2011 - 2014 (290k), Computational Tools to Analyse and Exploit the Social Media Revolution.
    (AI with Svetha Venkatesh and Brett Adams).
  • ARC Linkage Grant, 2011 - 2014 (430k), Assistive Technologies for Autism Support Harnessing Social Media.
    (CI with Svetha Venkatesh, Bett Adams and A. Krishna)
  • ARC Discovery Grant, 2009 - 2012 (310k), Surviving the Data Deluge: Scalable Feature Extraction, Discrimination and Analysis for Computer Vision Tasks Using Compressed Sensed Data.
    (AI with Svetha Venkatesh, DS. Pham and A. Jain)
  • ARC Linkage Grant, 2008 - 2012 (483k), Blindness Support: Prevention and Localisation Assistance Systems for the Blind
    (CI with Svetha Venkatesh, Brett Adams, Geoffrey West and Tanya Packer)
  • ARC Discovery Grant, 2007 - 2010 (360k), Taming Media for the Masses: Computational Frameworks for Intelligent Digital Media Capture, Management, and Sharing.
    (CI with Svetha Venkatesh and Brett Adams)